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Ms. Mcknight

I appreciate you guys taking care of it for me. Sam

(your technician) was very professional and knowledgeable. He even educated me on what the

issue was. He was quick and even had a plan B in

place just in case his plan A didn’t work. I was confident that the job would get done because he came well prepared. Thank you MDS very impressive!

Michelle ———

I am a resident at ———. We have been waiting for maintenance for the last month to Connect our dryer and turn our attic fan on. Today finally our management company sent out a company MDS whom had a rep come out and take a look at our house. He was kind, considerate, and did everything in his power to finish the task. He has to come back tomorrow, but we know he will Finish the job with skill and grace. Although it has taken an inordinate amount of time to get these jobs done before MDS, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the employee of MDS sent to complete the tasks at hand.


I am giving a 5-star review for MDS property management group! The workers arrive on time and do professional work. There are several ways to maintain customer satisfaction and when dealing with Grace she offers that professionalism. Grace was not only helpful but took the initiative to go above and beyond when the unexpected happened. My matters were taken seriously, her communication skills are very balanced, and she is serious about a speedy resolve. It feels good to know a perfect stranger takes serious consideration for your issues with property management.


Thanks for every Diana! Appreciate all you did for me. I know your company will do well because you conduct business the right way!


Thanks guys!! Very pleased with the customer service your team provides. Finally a service company that actually cares!


Graceann, it has been nothing less than a

pleasure working with you to handle and schedule our multitude of requests at our new place. We sincerely appreciate working with someone who has the time and patience to listen to and cooperate with us. Thank you kindly



I truly appreciate you and MDS and the work you did

and how quick it was done when approval was

received. Multiple attempts with others out resulted in nothing and you guys got the job done. My family

can now enjoy our home once again.


Well thanks for you! Most people don’t

see the importance in solving our issues these days,

they have no work ethic, or pride in their work.

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you MDS.


I have general contractors here seems like every

other day fixing something. I been trying to make sure everything getting done hasn’t been fun since i got

the place. Working with you has made it much better! MDS fixed all the issues in just a few days!